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Welcome to Fontarea.com : Fontarea.com is a large source of free PC fonts . All fonts on this site are free (shareware or freeware) and available for immediate download.

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1. Double click on the font picture to start the download process.
2. Nominate a location to save/download the file to (it will be in a ZIP format).
3. Un-ZIP the file you just downloaded to your Desktop. (it will contain a font in TTF format)
4. Copy the TTF font to: C:/windows/fonts
5. Close any word processing / graphics applications that you may have open.
6. Restart your word processing / graphics application (e.g. MS Word, Photoshop, Fireworks, Paintshop Pro, CorelDraw etc). Your newly installed fonts will now be available for you to use.

MAC System

To install fonts onto a MAC you will need OS X which has native support for True Type fonts. To install fonts on an older version of MAC OS you will most likely need a conversion program, such as TTConverter.

Fonts CAN exist in four different Folders in OS X:

  1. Mac Hard Disk/Library/Fonts

    This is public, available to anyone

  2. Mac Hard Disk/System/Library/Fonts

    System only fonts

  3. Mac Hard Disk/Users/~/Library/Fonts

    ~ denotes user's personal home folder

  4. Mac Hard Disk/Network/Library/Fonts

    Share fonts with others with access

OS X loads fonts from all these locations to make them available to applications. OS X fonts take precedence over Classic fonts with the same name. Therefore, the 'Helvetica' used in Classic may not be the same Helvetica in OS X.





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