How to become a dump truck driver (2024)

Becoming a dump truck driver offers the chance to secure a well-paying job in the transportation industry without needing extensive education. These uniquely skilled professionals transport and precisely dump critical materials using intricate hydraulic lift beds to supply major infrastructure projects.

If you’re willing to put in the effort to earn a commercial driver’s license and get on-the-job training, employment opportunities across the country await in this essential, niche occupation.

What do dump truck driver jobs entail?

Dump truck drivers have a demanding job that requires specialized skills and training to transport various materials safely. The primary duties of the job involve operating specialized hydraulic lift dump trucks, which requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL), to pick up, transport, and deposit materials.

A typical day starts with conducting thorough pre-trip inspections of their trucks, checking systems like brakes, lights, fluids, and equipment like tires, in addition to noting any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. After inspections, drivers will receive their assignments for pick-ups and drop-offs, including details on the materials and locations. They then operate the hydraulic lift on the truck to properly position and lift the empty dump bed into place and load it with the scheduled materials. This may be done manually or using loading equipment like a front-end loader.

Throughout trips to destinations, dump truck drivers carefully navigate roadways, highways, and construction sites, being attentive to safety and regulations. They utilize their specialized skills to maneuver large vehicles. Upon arrival at drop-off locations, they follow procedures to release heavy transported materials by lifting the loaded dump bed and operating the hydraulic lift to tip and aim the unloading of materials as required.

Moreover, dump truck drivers must complete detailed logs and documentation on materials moved, routes, orders, along with documenting inspections before and after their shifts. They must be dedicated to following rigorous safety standards and transportation regulations while on a dump truck job too. Fundamentally, the dump truck driver job description requires safely moving materials to keep projects and operations progressing.

How much do dump truck drivers make?

So, first things first: exactly how much does a dump truck driver make? The average annual salary for a dump truck driver in the U.S. is between $35,000 and $45,000. However, a dump truck driver salary can vary considerably based on the following factors.

  • Experience level: The more years of experience operating a dump truck, the higher the earning potential. Veteran drivers, for instance, may command salaries closer to $50,000 or $60,000 per year. On the other hand, new dump truck drivers start around $30,000.
  • Route types: Long-haul drivers moving materials cross-country generally have higher incomes than short-haul, local dump truck drivers. Long trips equal bigger paychecks.
  • Type of materials: There are specialty hauls such as hazardous materials, oversized loads, etc., which often pay more than standard construction materials transport. These niche hauls require more certifications.
  • Employment type: Independent owner-operator dump truck drivers who take jobs directly without working through a trucking company have the highest profit potential. But while they may earn well over standard dump truck driver pay, keep in mind that they assume more overhead.
  • Geographic location: Dump truck driving salaries fluctuate across the country. As a rule of thumb, drivers in high cost urban areas earn more, while rural wages are lower on average. Major metro areas pay the most.
  • Overtime/bonus pay: Lots of overtime hauling opportunities during peak construction seasons and special assignments can substantially increase total compensation. Bonus incentives may also be offered for safe, on-time delivery records.

So while the average dump truck driver salary is around $40,000 per year, it’s possible for an experienced, specialized dump truck driver in a major city transporting high-value materials to earn over $80,000.

The earning ceiling is high for dump truckers willing to take on demanding assignments. New drivers, though, start with much more modest earnings.

5 steps to become a dump truck driver

Becoming a dump truck driver takes some time, effort, and commitment, but it can lead to a rewarding, well-paying career. Here are the basic dump truck driver requirements:

1. Get your CDL

The most crucial step is earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL). To even operate a dump truck, federal transportation regulations require a Class A CDL license. CDL programs consist of classroom work and various supervised driving lessons. You’ll have to pass written exams and behind-the-wheel tests. Some types of dump trucks, for instance a tri axle dump truck, may require additional certifications.

2. Consider truck driving school

Even though required for a license, basic CDL training is focused on standard trucks. Further specialized dump truck driver training is highly recommended, and will increase your employment opportunities and starting pay.

3. Get on-the-job experience

Many dump truck companies want you to already have some experience operating dump trucks or other heavy machinery before hiring you. Apprenticeship programs working under senior drivers are common start solutions. Internships or job shadows are also a possibility.

4. Obtain driver safety and certifications

Continue adding to your credentials even once working as a dump truck operator. Obtaining further certifications for handling hazardous materials, heavy equipment transport, forklift operation, etc., will qualify you for a wider array of driving assignments and boosted pay.

5. Maintain clean driving record

Ensure you follow road safety laws at all times. Getting traffic tickets or accidents on your driving history is highly damaging to your future job prospects in trucking roles. Being a safe, responsible driver keeps you employable while minimizing commercial dump truck insurance costs.

Getting dump truck jobs entails getting certified, plenty of hands-on practice driving loaded rigs, and building a strong resume. You will have to prove that you have the required skills and commitment to safely handle heavy vehicles and provide dump truck services long-term. The investment of time and effort, however, can lead to a great career.

Jump start a new career as a dump truck driver

With an increasing demand forecast for construction across the country, skilled dump truck operators will enjoy job security and higher compensation over time through competitive job offers. Landing that first full-time dump truck driving job opens the door to a new career safely delivering materials to support economic growth. Consider earning your CDL so you can begin to reap the rewards of driving a commercial dump truck.


Do you need a CDL to drive a dump truck?

Yes, you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate a dump truck professionally and legally in the U.S. Specifically, drivers need a Class A license to drive any vehicle towing 10,000 pounds or more.

How much does a dump truck cost?

The cost of a dump truck for sale ranges from around $100,000 for a used basic rig, up to $400,000 for a top-quality, heavy-duty dump truck outfitted with the latest features. Standard pricing for new CAT or Mack dump trucks for sale is typically $150,000 to $250,000.

How much does a dump truck driver make per load?

The average per load rate earned by a dump truck driver is between $200 to $600, depending on factors like mileage, weight, job difficulty, regional pricing standards, and negotiation skills. Drivers who own their own trucks set their own rates and keep the full per-load amount after fuel costs.

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How to become a dump truck driver (2024)
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