If you like some Taylor Swift alongside your Beethoven, the latest Bridgerton season is for you (2024)

Bridgerton is back for its third season and fans have been eager to get their ears on the brand new soundtrack.

The series has made a splash with its music choices, capturing imaginations with a mix of classical covers of iconic pop hits with music from the period, as well as a great original score.

The first drop of season three includes covers ranging from TikTok sensation abcdefu to Pitbull's club hit Give Me Everything. And early fan speculation proved true with the appearance of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Ray's collaboration, Snow On The Beach.

The introduction of the elusivethird Bridgerton daughter Francesca has also given classical music an even bigger role in storytelling in season three. Keep an ear out for favourites from Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn between the covers and original score.

Full list of classical covers in Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1

Listen out for these pop covers as you watch.

Episode 1

  • Gayle's 'abcdefu', covered by Vitula

Episode 2

  • BTS' 'Dynamite', covered by Vitamin String Quartet
  • Nick Jonas' 'Jealous', covered by Shimmer

Episode 3

  • Sia's 'Cheap Thrills', covered by Vitamin String Quartet
  • Billie Eilish's 'Happier Than Ever', covered by Vitamin String Quartet

Episode 4

  • Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey's 'Snow on the Beach' by Atwood Quartet
  • Pitbull's 'Give Me Everything', covered by Archer Marsh

How the music connects with the plot

The music tells the story of Bridgerton as much as the dialogue does.

We've broken down each cover and a few classical highlights, and how they connect with the plot.

Spoiler alert: The music reveals some significant plot points, so you might want to stop scrolling now and come back after you've finished bingeing.

Episode 1

Mozart's Little Funeral March [Kleine Trauermarsch]

If you like some Taylor Swift alongside your Beethoven, the latest Bridgerton season is for you (1)

The first standalone music we hear is Mozart's Little Funeral March, played by the character of Francesca as the rest of the Bridgerton family are franticly searching for her to make her debut for the Queen.

In previous seasons, there is fanfare as the young lady about to make her debut emerges from her room. Instead we find Francesca quietly prepared and spending time doing what she loves – making music.

She is seemingly unfussed by the forthcoming pomp and ceremony of her presentation at court. "It's just another day!" she declares.

Francesca says a lot through music. With its exaggerated gestures, Mozart's Funeral March is thought to be a parody of the genre. Francesca's performance here speaks both to the loss of freedom of a woman who is "out" in society, and simultaneously comments on her lack of interest in pageantry involved.

Gayle: abcdefu, covered by Vitula

If you like some Taylor Swift alongside your Beethoven, the latest Bridgerton season is for you (2)

But it's all about Penlope Featherington this season. Her future is on the line and so is her secret identity as Lady Whistledown, writer of the weekly gossip column in Bridgerton.

This classical cover of Gayle's viral TikTok song, abcdefu, captures Penelope's confidence as she enters the first ball of the season in a brand new look.

The edgy and seething tone of the song perfectly captures Penelope's new-found boldness. She no longer wants to be the target of derision for her family and peers. She's paving her own way to a life she wants to live.

Episode 2

BTS: Dynamite, covered by Vitamin String Quartet

The BTS ARMY will recognise this music immediately, with Vitamin String Quartet covering the Korean boy band's Dynamite.

The track appears in an energetic, busy ballroom scene involving Benedict Bridgerton dancing with a young, smitten member of the Ton, while the usually sidelined Eloise Bridgerton finds herself being accepted by the popular girls.

Nick Jonas: Jealous, covered by Shimmer

As Colin Bridgerton watches Penelope speak to eligible bachelors of the ton, Nick Jonas's RnB-inspired Jealous plays.

Jonas Brothers' fans may notice the similarities between Colin Bridgerton and Nick Jonas, both being the third born son after two very popular older brothers.

Beethoven: Sonata No. 23 in F minor, 'Appassionata'

Francesca mentions Beethoven's 'Appassionata' piano sonata when talking with a potential music-loving suitor introduced to herby her mother.

When the suitor references hearing the passion in Beethoven's music, Francesca becomes uncomfortable. "I mostly enjoy the chord progressions," she declares.

It's not until later that we hear the music, when Queen Charlotte comes across Francesca happily playing the pianoforte by herself, away from the ball.

She plays the brighter middle movement of the sonata, that doesn't display the tempestuous drama of the outer movements. The choice also sets her apart from the Queen who states her approval, "Someone who performs not for me, but for themselves. Brava."

Episode 3

Sia: Cheap Thrills, covered by Vitamin String Quartet

As the tontondescends on "The Innovations Ball" we hear the strains of Cheap Thrills by Australian singer-songwriter Sia.

The performance culminates with the meeting of the Bridgertons' mother with a mysterious stranger, later revealed to be Lady Danbury's brother, Lord Marcus Anderson.

Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever, covered by Vitamin String Quartet

Colin appears ready to declare his feelings to Penelope before he is interrupted by her new suitor, Lord Debling.

Happier Than Ever starts to play as Penelope and Lord Debling, her first serious marriage prospect, begin to dance.

Eilish's plaintive ballad is the perfect analogy for Colin repeatedly taking advantage of Penelope and letting her down throughout their relationship.

Episode 4

If you like some Taylor Swift alongside your Beethoven, the latest Bridgerton season is for you (3)

Haydn: String Quartet in F Major, Op. 3 No. 5 'Serenade'

As Penelope takes to the dance floor with Lord Debling, the quartet plays Haydn's aptly named 'Serenade' string quartet.

While Lord Debling 'serenades' Penelope through dance, the focus switches to Violet Bridgerton who is receiving her own'serenade' through conversation with Lady Danbury's brother.

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey: Snow on the Beach, covered by Atwood Quartet

Swifties and Lanatics will rejoice as this song from Taylor's Midnights album makes its appearance in episode four.

The conflicted feelings of Snow on the Beach pairs well with Colin's interruption of Penelope dancing with Lord Debling, who is on the cusp of proposing.

Lord Debling realises Colin and Penelope's unexpressed feelings for each other and withdraws his suit.

Will Penelope lose the security of the only suitable match she's had? Will she get the love match she so desperately wants? Will Colin finally declare himself? Or will they both end up unhappy?

Snow on the beach captures that terrifying point of falling in love and being uncertain whether the other person feels the same way.

Pitbull: Give Me Everything, covered by Archer Marsh

In thisclimacticepisode of part one, Colin and Penelope find themselves in a private and passionate moment in a carriage.

Throughout the season we are regularly reminded that Colin is well-travelled, so this emotionally open, seductive club banger from Mr Worldwide aka Pitbull, perfectly suits the theme of Colin's newfound self-confidence.

If you like some Taylor Swift alongside your Beethoven, the latest Bridgerton season is for you (2024)
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